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Vol.7 (10), pp. 302-306, October 2019

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Habitats and food habits of Protopterus annectens (Owen 1839) on the lower Benue river basin

Iorchor S. I.*

Sham R. A.

Igbudu G. A.


40 specimens of prototerus annectens were obtained from Abinsi fishing ground in July 2018 from fishers on special arrangements to collect them immediately after catch; most of the fishes were caught from the cut-off lakes and swamps of the lower Benue river basin around Guma local government area of Benue state. The food materials in the fish stomachs were identified and the stomach contents were analyzed using frequency of occurrence (%). Food items found and the % frequency shows, plants to be 24.16 fish parts 6.12, sand/mud 33.07, crustaceans 8.57 insects 8.13, worms 0.22 cyst 0.11 detritus 6.12 unidentified items 13.47%. The numerical method of frequency of occurrence (%) showed 32.42, 16.35, 32.21, 4.90, 2.79, 0.73, 0.15, and 6.30. The fish has preference for lentic waters (stagnant swamps and lakes habitats), it is hardy and can tolerate extreme conditions of low oxygen content and low water level to complete drought conditions, it is highly recommended for aquaculture farm fish especially in earthen fish ponds. Further studies are also required to assess their feeding adaptation, nutritional requirements, feed conversion ratio and growth rate.

Keywords: Habitat, food habits, Benue River basin

 Received: October 4, 2019  Accepted: October 21, 2019  Published: October 30, 2019

Iorchor Et Al

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