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Vol. 9, Pp. 340-343, 2021

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Market Performance and Market Integration in Taraba State, Nigeria: A Case Study of Rice Market

Ali, A*.

Ajagbe, S. A.


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the market performance and integration of the rice market in Taraba State, Nigeria. This study’s population included all of Taraba State’s rice marketers. The 179 respondents were chosen using a multi-stage stratified random sampling technique. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire; analytical tools included simple descriptive statistics like mean and percentages, as well as inferential statistics like ANOVA and correlation analysis. The results revealed that the mean gross margin/bag of rice for retailers was N 422.05; for wholesalers, it was N 577.71; and for contact sellers, it was N 752.77. Contact sellers, on the other hand, were the category of marketers with the highest mean gross margin/bag, implying that this group outperforms wholesalers and retailers. The correlation analysis revealed that the purchasing prize (0.78) was significantly related to the prize spread, whereas the transportation cost (-0.66) and storage cost (0.58) had a significant inverse relationship. According to the study, policymakers should develop a strategy that focuses on efficiency and market margin in measuring performance, and emphasis should be placed on alternative non-price government policies such as investment in and storage facilities to stimulate agricultural marketing.

Keywords: Price relation, gross margin, correlation, marketers

 Received: August 3, 2021  Accepted: September 26, 2021  Published: October 5, 2021

Ali And Ajabe

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