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Vol.5 (12), pp. 385-389, December 2017

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Warehousing Processes and the Physical Distribution Efficiency in the Brewery Industry in Nigeria

Odiwo, Williams Omokhudu1

Kifordu, Anthony Aniyibuofu1*

Chukwuma Stephen Chukwudimiebi2


The study sought to examines the warehousing processes and physical distribution efficiency in the Brewery Industry in Benin, ascertain the challenges encountered in the physical distribution operations and responsibilities in the Brewery Industry, and determine the cost of physical distribution in the Brewery Industry in Benin.  The probability sampling method was used to select 300 people from the brewery under studied, Benin.  The instrument used for data collection was primarily, questionnaire, secondary and interview.  The descriptive research design was adopted for the study.  The hypotheses were tested using method of correlation analysis and the t-statistics.  The findings indicated that physical distribution is the responsibility of the marketing department in the brewery industry.  The marketing manager oversees the physical distribution of goods; proper documentation are made prior to distribution and orders are usually arranged according to requisition before distributing.  The customer bears the cost of warehousing; distribution cost is reasonable; cost of transportation affects the companys profit; maintenance cost reduces profits, cost of shipment is borne by the customer.The finding also indicated that warehousing cost and distribution cost in the brewery industry in Benin (R2 = 0.71 or 71%; R2 = 0.66 or 66%;  F. Stat = 13.11; DW “ stat = 1.7),  escalating costs, increased industrial concentration, and the threat of product obsolescence inherent in accelerating technological innovations.  The study concluded that management of the breweries warehousing reduces adverse effect on physical distribution cost, improved distribution efficiency and embraced profits in the companies.  The study recommended that management of the brewery could even engage the warehousing processes as contract.  This would help in service delivery at effective manners.  Such contract should comprise contractors.  This is the only way those contractors can be made to accept policies of the companies in an efficient manners.

Key words:  Warehousing processes, physical distribution, efficiency and brewery industry.

 Received: September 30, 2017  Accepted: November 7, 2017  Published: November 27, 2017

Odiwo Et Al

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