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Vol.6 (7), pp. 152-156, July 2018

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Preference, Acceptability and Digestibility of Crop By-products Supplemented Diets Fed to West African Dwarf (WAD) Goats

Kalio, G. A.*

Owhorji, O. C.


Nutritional evaluation using preference and acceptability and digestibility trials as criteria for investigating diets supplemented with Maize (TM), Cassava (TCP), Plantain (TPP) and Yam (TYP) peels was conducted with West African Dwarf (WAD) goats. The preference and acceptability trials of the formulated diets were carried out by using the ‘cafeteria’ method. The digestibility of the diets was conducted through the use of metabolic cages. The two trials lasted for 15 days (10 days of adjustment and 5 days of collection respectively). Results of the preference and acceptability of these diets by the WAD goats was in the order of TM > TCP > TYP > TPP based on their behavioural patterns: number of visits, number of bites, time spent on feeding and the number of bites per visit. The highly preferred TM and TCP supplemented diets had a higher preference ranking (PR) or higher coefficient of preference (COP). The cassava (TCP) peel supplemented diets among the other experimental diets recorded the highest digestibility values. Consequently, based on the preference, feed intake and digestibility results of the experiment, the experimental diet supplemented with TCP (cassava peels), is recommended for use by small ruminant animal producers.

Keywords: Acceptability, preference, crop by-products, formulated diets, digestibility, West African Dwarf goats


 Received: May 21, 2018  Accepted: June 27, 2018  Published: July 5, 2018

Kalio And Owhorji

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