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Vol. 9 (1), Pp. 7-11, January 2021

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Review on the role of soil macronutrient (NPK) on the improvement and yield and quality of agronomic crops

Israel Zewdie*

Yonas Reta


Primary macronutrients play a very important role in improving the yield and quality of crops. Three main elements are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N, P, and K) and are required in abundance. They must be readily available through soil medium or fertilizer. Proper plant nutrition is essential for the successful production of agronomic crops. Every macronutrient has its own character and is therefore involved in different metabolic processes of plant life. The present review is an attempt to provide basic information about the role of primary macronutrients in the production and quality of agronomic crops.

Keywords: Macronutrients, yield, quality, agronomic crops

 Received: December 2, 2020  Accepted: January 11, 2021  Published: January 30, 2021

Zewdie And Yonas

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