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Vol.7 (12), pp. 362-368 December 2019

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Scientific and spiritual significance of advanced irrigation technology for increasing the fertility and biological activity of lowland slopes of the small Caucasus: (As an example of the Garabagh region)

Z. X. Mustafayev


The article has been proven by the comparative analysis of long-term research results in the Karabakh region in the lowlands of the Lesser Caucasus, as well as a comparative analysis of current research, as well as to the extent that these areas have been subjected to various forms of erosion. The productivity of self-cultivated agricultural crops has adversely affected the quality indicators and reduced productivity. At the same time, the complex physical and geographical conditions of the area, ever-increasing exogenous and anthropogenic pressures create favorable conditions for the development of all types of erosion processes in a wide range. The scientific and practical application of advanced microstructure technology, as well as traditional backwatering, as well as traditional wetland irrigation, along with other complex measures in irrigated soil erosion soils, to improve fertility in erosional soils.

Keywords: Progressive irrigation methods, soil, fertility, erosion, moisture reserves, crop productivity, low slopes

 Received: December 1, 2019  Accepted: December 20, 2019  Published: December 30, 2019


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