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Vol.8 (2), pp.71-75 February 2020

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Studies of the possibility of determining the flush of slope soils with a slope of 12-14° using the example of the Shamakhi region of Azerbaijan

R. F. Bagirova


The article describes the current conditions and unique satisfactory farming practices and principles in the slopes of the South-Eastern part of the Greater Caucasus, the Shamakhi district of the Mountainous Shirvan in Azerbaijan, the application of optimal irrigation norms and regimes, various cultural and technical cultivations. The fact that water, line and irrigation erosion is widespread is an intensive spread. Therefore, the study of erosion patterns within the country, characterized by its topicality, and the prevention of these erosion species, the intensity of their development, natural soil and vegetation with the use of comprehensive measures in the balance of results, with the aim of developing a large-scale application of benefits; Distribution among farmers and other land users, demonstrating that they are carrying out enlightenment activities, and that science-based comprehensive anti-erosion measures have been put into place. The study shows that surface washing, sediment flow, and so on in a single area (1) are observed in the area of ​​different (12-14) 0 and (6-8) 0 ms, under the current rainfall under hay and natural grass vegetation. Nutrients impregnated with washed soil are designated and denominated in figures. 0.940 t / ha within; 28 min within – 1.59 t / ha and 22 min. As a result of this study, a 1: 100,000-m-potential potential erosion map of the South-East of the Greater Caucasus has been developed using a classic method.

Keywords: Inclination, nutritional elements, perennial plantings, weed, degree of soil washing, perversion, dialogue

 Received: January 3, 2020  Accepted: February 20, 2020  Published: March 28, 2020


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