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Vol. 8 (9), Pp. 332-339, September 2020

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The Effect of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) utilization among Small Scale Farmers in Bauchi Local Government Area, Bauchi State, Nigeria

*Babuga, U. S.

Ali, A. M.

Garba, A.


This study analyses the effect of Information and communication technology (ICT) utilization among small scale farmers in Bauchi local government area of Bauchi State, Nigeria. Data for the study were collected from both primary and secondary sources.  A multistage sampling technique was used to select the respondents. In the first stage, four (4) crops farmers groups (rice, maize, sesame, and groundnut) were randomly selected from Bauchi Local government area. In the second stage, twenty (20) farmers were also randomly selected and from each group, as respondents, this gives 80 respondents for the study. The techniques used for data analysis were descriptive and inferential statistics. The result shows that Male and married individuals dominated the use of ICT to source information for agricultural production in the study area. The result also shows that 62.05% obtained information on farming through radio, 6.02% got theirs through television, 25.00% through GSM while 6.02% got their information on farming through the internet. The result indicated that all the respondents have access to one source of information or the other: Land preparation (8.09%), seed variety (25.05%), planting date (8.07%), plant spacing (7.05%), fertilizer application (19.01%), herbicides application (9.05%), pesticides application (12.03%) and modern storage (8.01%). The Effects of ICT Utilization on crop production shows that the coefficient of age, level of education, and farm size was found to be significant at P < 0.01 level of probability and relates positively with information and communication technology utilization. The result shows that availability, quality of information/relevance, and ease of access to the ICT facilities is the major (43.75%) factor influencing their preference to ICT use. Based on the findings of this study, it is pertinent to make some recommendations. Extension workers should encourage the farmers to donate money for the purchase of computers systems to be using for online registration and marketing their products. The government should provide television viewing centers in villages for them to watch television programs on agriculture. Adult education should also be provided to small scale farmers to enable them to keep records of their farming activities.

Keywords: Analysis, ICT, agriculture, information and Bauchi State

 Received: August 10, 2020  Accepted: September 10, 2020  Published: September 30, 2020

Babuga Et Al

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