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Vol.6 (7), pp. 157-160, July 2018

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The use of Male Broodstock of Clarias Gariepinus several times through Surgery for Milt Extraction in Induced Breeding

Birbu’u  Kutwal Y*

Wade John W

Audu Bala S


This study was carried out to secure the matured male broodstocks that were surgically operated to extract the milt used in fertilizing the stripped eggs and same stock used for subsequent induced breeding. Eight matured brood stocks of Clarias gariepinus were sourced, acclimatized for two weeks before the operation. They were grouped into two with three replicates, including the Control. During the surgery, the broodstocks were not subjected to anesthesia but the heads were covered with a clean wet part of a towel and placed upside down in sterilized tray on a working Table. The abdomens were cleaned with a dry part of the same towel and incisions of 5-7cm made on the bellies from the middle part posteriorly, using new sterilized razor blade. After extraction, the incised portions were sutured with sterilized tailor sewing needle and thread using standard uninterrupted method. The opposite ends of the threads were firmly tied on the last thread lines to prevent loosing respectively and the broodstocks were released in to separate bowls for observation. Removal of the stitches was carried out on day 7 after surgery. The broodstock were not fed within this period to reduce movement and ensure proper healing of the sutured portion. The results revealed that 100% and 75% of male broodstocks survived from first and second operations respectively including the controls.

Keywords: Clarias gariepinus, sewing needle, thread, suture, uninterrupted surgery

 Received: May 12, 2018  Accepted: June 21, 2018  Published: July 5, 2018

Kutwal Et Al

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