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Vol.6 (11), pp. 325-333, November 2018

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Theories of Adoption, Determinants and Constraints

Udemezue, J. C.*

Agwu, A. E.


The ultimate goals of agricultural innovation project are to rekindle the spirit of the farmers to adopt improved technologies. The transfer of technology and knowledge from the builder to farmers will bring about development. Adoption is a mental process which an individual passes through from the first time of hearing about a new idea to the complete and full incorporation of the idea into the total system of his behavior. Therefore, to adopt innovations, farmers must be aware and undergone series of adoption stages called adoption process. In the light of this, this paper used available literature to review the following; the concept of adoption, stages/steps in adoption of innovations, determinants of adoption, constraints to adoption and theories of adoption. This study recommends that for extension agents to achieve their targets in a rural setting, the roles of extension agent in collaboration with the proper knowledge of the adoption theories, constraints to adoption and the determinants of adoption should be articulated into the social system of the farmers.

Keywords: Determinants, constraints, adoption theories

 Received: October 2, 2018  Accepted: November 12, 2018  Published: November 13, 2018

Udemezue And Agwu

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