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Vol.4 (8), pp. 214-219, August 2016

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Variability in growth attributes of two pineapple (ananas comosus) cultivars grown in the basement complex soils of Southern Nigeria as influenced by different time of nitrogen side dressing application

William Ubi¹

Godwin Michael Ubi²*

Thomas Okweche¹

Martina William Ubi³

Chukwudi Umego Theodore2

Ackley Ufot Akpan-Idiok4


Two experiments were carried out in March 2013 and 2014 to determine the effect of time of N-fertilizer side dressing on two cultivars of pineapple (Ananas comosus). Nitrogen (100 kg Nha) as Urea was applied at seven different times and at different growth stages of smooth cayenne and Natal queen pineapple cultivars. The treatment effects were determined by plant height (cm), number of leaf blades per plant, Leaf Area (LA), specific leaf area (LA/LW), leaf extension rate, (cm/day) leaf production intervals (days) and root weight (g). The results showed that delaying time of N-application till 9-13 months showed the highest response in growth components during the study period. The cultivars did not differ significantly in their response to treatment. Seasonal effect showed that delaying side dressing till 13 months rather than 15 months after planting enhanced the formation of new leaves, and the expansion of the existing leaf blades for larger surface area for photosynthetic activities. Equally, side dressing of pineapple at 13 months was found to be the period in which plants efficiently utilized soil nutrients as evidenced in the value of the growth components measured as evidenced in plant height and root dry height recorded in this study. These results are discussed in light of variation in time of nitrogen side dressing on growth attributes of two cultivars of pineapple (Ananas comosus Merrill L.) grown on basement complex soil in southern Nigeria.

Key words: Nitrogen application, growth characteristics, pineapple, basement complex soils


Manuscript reviewed by:

Prof Dr Riad S R El-Mohamedy
National research center Egypt

ogunk[email protected]
National Biotechnology Development Agency, Bioresources Development Centre (BIODEC) Owode Yewa South Ogun State, Nigeria.


Assoc. Prof. Mohamed Abdel-Raheem Ali Abdel-Raheem
Agricultural & Biological Research,33rd ElBehouth St., ElDokki , Giza , Egypt.

 Received: June 12, 2016  Accepted: June 28, 2016  Published: July 13, 2016


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