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Vol.8 (4), pp.81-95 April 2020

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Understanding the rice value chain in Angola: Constraints, opportunities, and strategy to increase productivity

Chiambo, P. J.*

Coelho, J. P.

Soares, F. B.

Salumbo, A.


This work discusses the issues of value chain management and development in agribusiness. In particular, based on the study of Agriculture in Angola, it analyses and assesses the value chain formation process in the rice sector and the role of the involved stakeholders that increase the product value for consumers through organized cooperation. While it does not coincide with the traditional value chain concept, it describes the full range of activities required to bring a product or service from conception through the different stages of production, distribution to consumers and final disposal after use. For small farms to intensify production in high potential areas, efficient pre- and post-harvest services must contribute to economic growth and reduce poverty. This article is a brief bibliographical review of an introduction to agricultural value chains, written to help small farmers understand how agricultural value chains work. It provides some examples of agricultural value chains, discusses why farmers must consider themselves part of an agricultural value chain, lists the potential benefits of agricultural value chains, and talks about different strategies for them. Farmers can move on to grow or improve their involvement with agricultural value chains. The difficulties faced by key rice value chain actors in accessing services have been reviewed, showing how incentives for the commercial delivery of services to smallholders differ between staple foods, traditional crops, and high-value product supply chains. The major challenge in providing services to smallholder farmers in Angola concerns the coordination of service development and delivery. Different forms of intermediary institutions to achieve this coordination are also examined.

Keywords: Value chain, rice crop, Angola,  small-farmer

 Received: March 11, 2020  Accepted: April 8, 2020  Published: April 30, 2020

Chiambo Et Al

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