Published Articles:

Bacteriological Assessment of Sliced Fruits (Pawpaw, Pineapple and Watermelon) Sold in Rumuokwuta Market

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJAFS11832443

Uzor, C. A.*

Dick, A. A.

Threats and Conservation Strategies of Pygmy Hippopotamus (Choeropsis liberiensis) in Tiwai Island, Sierra Leone

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJAFS11832443

Janet Bonyah Saidu

Adewumi Abraham Adebayo

Udo Albert Jeremiah

Lameed Gbolagade Akeem

Assessment of Rice Farmers’ Participation in the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC) Scheme in Bende Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJAFS18445237

Zelda A. Elum*

Tamuno-Ina C. Ibraye

Evaluation of the Benefits of Crop Farmers Participation in IFAD-CASP Program in Zamfara State, Nigeria

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJAFS16782877

Sanchi, I. D.

Analysis of Factors Influencing Crop Farmers Participation in IFAD-CASP Program in Zamfara State, Nigeria

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJAFS14311326

Sanchi, I. D.*

Alhassan, Y. J.

Sabo, A. Y.

Danmaigoro, A.

Does Foreign Trade Influence Performance of Food Supply Response in Nigeria 1981-2016: Application of Monte-Carlos Simulation

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJAFS10894849

Ali, A.*

Biam, C. K.

Ayoola, J. B.

Ezihe, J. A. C.

Bio-rational Nutrients and Variety as it Affects Maize (Zea mays) Production in Gombe and Makurdi, Nigeria

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJAFS47841811

Madina, P.

Esang, D. M.

Nwanojuo, M. N.

Socio-demographic Determinants and Constraints to Savings and Investment among Cassava Processors in Etche Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJAFS96840150

Wilcox, G. I.

Onwuka, R. C.

Ajie, E. N.

Comparative Analysis of Some Physicochemical Properties of Starch from Acha (Digitaria exilis and Digitaria iburua) and Corn (Zea mays) obtained in Gwagwalada -Abuja, Nigeria

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJAFS43860703

Kolawole, S. A.*

Omojola, M. O.

Rural Livestock Farmers Perception of Ecological Niches of Information and Communication Technology Devices in Livestock Production, Management and Improvement in Imo State, Nigeria

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJAFS15016082

Godson-Ibeji, C. C

Chikaire, J. U.

Aminu, G. O.

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