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Vol.8 (9), pp. 308-318, September 2020

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Factors Affecting the Production and Sustainability of Natural Rubber Production in Nigeria (Trends and Overviews)

*Ubani, S. E.

Eboigbe, G.

Agbonaye, O. E.

Idahosa, F. O.


The trend and effect of promotion and sustainability of agriculture with respect to Natural Rubber (NR) production is expedient to the economic growth in Nigeria and Africa at large. The multiple regression model analysis showed that Sources of finance and other factors contributes negatively to the effect of promotion and sustainability of agriculture in Nigeria while other independent variables positively contributed effectively to the promotion and sustainability of Agriculture in Nigeria. Table 16 indicates that 46.5% of the respondents financed their rubber farming activities through personal savings, 22.2% financed their farming activities through borrowing from friends and relatives, while 20.0% percent of the respondents also source for loans from cooperative societies to finance their farming activities. Also, 11.3% of the respondents asserted that they financed their farming activities through loans obtained from community banks. The level of significance indicates how certain it could be as the coefficient has an impact on the promotion and sustainability of Agriculture with respect to rubber cultivation in Nigeria. It shows that 89% variability is been explained by the Independent variables. The summary of the multiple regression shows that the residual standard error is 0.2199, (Se = 0.2199), Multiple R-squared is 0.8909, Adjusted R-squared is 0.8879, F-statistic (303.4) and p-value (2.2e-16). The multiple regression coefficients relating to sources of financing, sources of farm labour and government effort in promotion and sustainability of NR not enough are negative while those of sources of rubber farmlands, capital funding is limited to farmers and increased government support will boost NR production are positive.

Keywords: Sustainability, natural rubber, multiple regression analysis, government policy, improved techniques

 Received: July 2, 2020  Accepted: August 21, 2020  Published: September 30, 2020

Ubani Et Al

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