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Vol. 8 (10), Pp. 346-350, October 2020

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Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases on Hevea Brasiliensis (Natural Rubber)

S.E. Ubani*

O. A. Emuedo

S.E. Fadugba

G. Eboigbe

L.C. Igwe

C. Achudume


In this paper, we present an efficient method of mathematical modelling for the infectious diseases on Natural Rubber using the Kermack and Mckendrick formulated SIR (SUSCEPTIBLE-INFECTIVE-RECOVERED) techniques. Firstly, we examined the spread of an epidemic disease based on compartmental structures and thereby estimated the value R0 which determines the thresholds for disease transmission and the control. We also introduce an approximate method and used the SIR model to ascertain the maximum level of infection.

Keywords: Plant disease epidemics, mathematical modelling, Infective, Recovered, Susceptible and Transmission

 Received: August 15, 2020  Accepted: September 23, 2020  Published: October 30, 2020

Ubani Et Al

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