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Vol. 10(5), Pp. 144-150, May 2022

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Rising Costs of Farm Inputs and its Implication on 2022 Wet Season Farming in Northwest sub region of Nigeria

Sanchi, I. D.

Alhassan, Y. J.*

Sabo, A. Y.


This paper examined the effects of agro-input price increases on wet season farming in 2022. The effects were observed in terms of short-run, medium-run, and long-run effects, as well as uncertainty considerations. The article also examined the influence of agro input price increases on household food security, as well as the impact of agro input price changes on farm families’/rural households’ economic activities. Factors contributing to growing farm input costs include rising commodity prices, excessive demand for inputs, widespread supply shortages, transportation bottlenecks, and so on. The article examined historical trends in general farm input price increases. Finally, the report discussed solutions for lowering farm input costs and examined the 2022 farming season like no other in terms of excessive pricing of agro inputs and related commodities, as well as the implications for the approaching wet season farming in Northwest Nigeria.

Rising costs, farm inputs, implication, 2022 wet season farming, Northwest sub region, Nigeria

 Received: April 7, 2022  Accepted: May 12, 2022  Published: May 28, 2022

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