Table of Contents: Vol. 8(4), April 2020

Understanding the rice value chain in Angola: Constraints, opportunities, and strategy to increase productivity

Chiambo, P. J., Coelho, J. P., Soares, F. B. and Salumbo, A.

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJAFS10722509    |    PDF

Assessment of soil quality around the vicinity of selected cement company in Benue State using physicochemical and biotic properties

Gundu, E.G., Aguoru, C.U., Iheukwumere, C.C., Azua, E.T. and Olasan,J.O.

Full Length Research Paper
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Towards rice self sufficiency in Nigeria: an analysis of technical efficiency of irrigated rice farms in Kebbi State

Yahaya Kaka, Abdullahi Auwal Gindi and Buhari Armiya`u Khalid

Full Length Research Paper
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Physicochemical and microbial evaluation of tiger-nut milk sold in selected eateries in Awka, Anambra State

Victor-Aduloju, A.T.*, Udeh, N. S., Okocha, K. S. and Ezegbe, C. C.

Full Length Research Paper
DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJAFS93990148    |    PDF

Fonseca, Cristino Mandinga Bonfim, Coelho, José Castro, Soares, Fernando Brito, Correia, Augusto Manuel Nogueira Gomes, and Soares, Zélia Maria Gonçalves

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJAFS40252693    |    PDF

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