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Vol.3 (5), pp. 42-47, October 2018

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Body Weight, Biometric and Serum Indices of Indigenous Normal Feathered Chickens

Faith, E. A.* 

Abimiku, H. K.

Hassan D. I.


Body growth in livestock may be evaluated with live weight and body measurements.  A total of sixty (60) adult birds of both sexes (30 males and 30 females) of indigenous normal feathered chickens reared by smallholder farmers with similar management system in the two areas in Lafia (Azuba and Akurba), Nasarawa State were randomly sampled. The result of the total leg length (TLL) and wing length (WL) of the female chickens were superior to those of their male counterparts. Thigh circumference (TC) of indigenous locally adapted normal feathered chickens of Azuba were higher (P<0.05) than those of Akurba. Total leg length (TLL) and Wing length (WL) of indigenous chickens of Akurba were superior (P<0.05) to those of Azuba respectively. There was location and sex interaction (L* S) effect (P<0.05) of Breast circumference (BC), Thigh circumference (TC), Foot length (FL), Total leg length (TLL) and Wing length (WL) while no interactions were observed between Body weight (BW) and Body length (BL). The results of total protein, urea, creatinine and cholesterol of the serum of the chickens of both sexes of the two study areas were not significant (P<0.05) however, the result of the albumin concentration of the serum was significant (P<0.05). The albumin level of the chickens of Azuba from this study appears to be better than that of Akurba. The findings of the present study might provide better understanding of the sexual differences in the improvement of the chickens.

Keywords: Body weight, biometric traits, serum, normal feathered, chickens

 Received: August 2, 2018  Accepted: September 30, 2018  Published: October 5, 2018

Faith Et Al

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