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Vol. 2 (1), pp. 8-13, February 2017

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Effect of management system on camel calves growth rate and daily gain

*1Bakheit S. A.

2Faye B.

1Ibrahim I. E.

3Idris A. O.


The effect of Management system on growth rate and daily gain in one humped Sudanese camels calves were investigated, twenty four (24) camel calves (12 males and 12 females) at the first day of birth were selected, from the Sudanese Arabi Kababish bred. Camels calves with their dams were maintained under semi-intensive and Traditional management system for 18 successive months. Calves in semi-intensive system in addition of their suckling of their respective dams they take supplementation diets (one kg of concentrate/head/day), ad libtium watering, health care and spraying weekly against ticks and external parasite. The live body weight of camel calves were obtained through direct weighing in 6 months interval, through four periods including birthday, 6 month, 12 months and 18 months. The results indicated that there was non-significant difference (P>0.05) in Birth weight of calves raised under semi-intensive and traditional system. In both systems the male (39 ± 0.31 kg) is   significantly (P<0.05) heaver than the female (36 ± 0.34 mkg). The body weight of the calves under semi-intensive system during six, 12 and 18 months of age are 123 ± 2.21, 221 ± 2.17 and 326 ± 2.40 kg respectively, and on the other hand the body weight of the camel calves under traditional system during six months, 12 and 18 months are 96 ± 1.59, 159 ± 2.35 and 208 ± 2.50 kg, respectively. The results showed highly significant difference (P<0.01) between systems of management, The over all mean daily gain of camel calves under semi-intensive and traditional system were 535 ± 9.83 gram and 317 ± 5.46 gram, respectively. The average daily body gain from birth to six months, six “ 12 month and 12 -18 month of age in semi-intensive system were 477 ± 10.94, 542 ± 8.25 and 585 ± 8.37 gram/day, respectively. On the other hand the results showed that the average daily body gain form birth to six months, six “ 12 moth and 12 “ 18 months of calves managed under traditional system were 352 ± 10.55, 272 ± 15.98 and 316.71 ± 5.46 gram/day, respectively. We concluded the farming system effect significant on calves daily gain growth rate, intensification management system will be improved camel meat production, and also the male was heavier than female on birth weight in all management system.

Key words: Camel Calves, Growth, Daily Gain, Farming system, kordofan, Sudan.

 Received: January 7, 2017  Accepted: February 22, 2017  Published: February 23, 2017

Bakheit Et Al

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