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Vol. 5 (1), pp. 1-7, February 2020

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Primary and secondary hair follicles in red Sokoto goat ecotypes

Umar, A. A

Atabo, S. M.


This study aimed at evaluating the hair follicles in red Sokoto goat ecotypes. A total of 30 adult goat skins 6 skins per group (Dark red, light brown, brown, black and variegated ecotypes) were used. Four different sites were selected and marked on the live animal (lateral neck, rump, mid-side, lateral thigh, and genitals). After slaughter,  the whole skins were purchased and transported to the Laboratory. The marked areas of the skins were shaved and excised, fixed in 10% formalin and processed using paraffin histological techniques. Follicular density/cm3, follicular depth, and follicular diameter were measured via microscopy. Secondary to primary hair follicles (S: P) ratio showed a mean range of 5:1 in the light brown ecotypes and 3:1 in the other ecotypes. These hair follicles probably have added to the quality of skin in red Sokoto goats. The results showed that these parameters were not likely influenced by environmental fluctuation and have a high heritability index. The fiber characteristics such as follicular length, depth, diameter, density and secondary to primary hair follicles ratio can also be used to characterize the red Sokoto goat ecotypes.

Keywords: Follicular depth, follicular diameter, hair follicle, red Sokoto goat

 Received: January 19, 2020  Accepted: February 24, 2020  Published:

Umar And Atabo

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