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Vol.2 (5), pp. 115-121, November 2017

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Occurrence of Mycoplasma Mycoides Subspecies Mycoides Small Colony (Mmm SC), Mycoplasma Bovis (M. bovis) from the Respiratory Tracts of Cattle Presented for Slaughter in North-western Nigeria

*¹Tambuwal, F.M.

2Egwu, G.O.


This study was conducted to determine the presence of Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies mycoides small colony and Mycoplasma bovis along with associated bacteria in cattle presented for slaughter in Sokoto and Kebbi States, North-western Nigeria. A total of 310 lungs, (155) each from apparently normal and pneumonic lungs were collected from slaughtered cattle and examined for the presence of Mmm SC and M. bovis using cultural characteristics, biochemical tests and molecular (PCR) test for the confirmations of mycoplasma isolates only. Mmm SC were detected in 3.8% and 6.9% of normal and pneumonic lungs respectively. Similarly, 6.2% and 8.9% were detected for M.bovis in normal and diseased lungs. Furthermore, nested PCR detected 78 (51.3%) and 56 (36.8%) of Mmm SC and M. bovis, respectively. The study established the occurrence of both Mmm SC and M. bovis for the first time in cattle presented for slaughter in Sokoto and Kebbi States. The study confirmed the presence of CBPP and M. bovis related infections in the study area.

Key words: Occurrence, mycoplasma, cattle, abattoir, Nigeria.

 Received: September 26, 2017  Accepted: November 16, 2017  Published: November 28, 2017

Tambuwal And Egwu

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