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Vol. 8, pp. 27-30, 2021

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Assessment of Borehole Water Quality of Tashar Turmi Village

Abdulmajid Abdullahi


The borehole water quality of Tashar Turmi village was investigated, to safeguard the constant usage of safe and clean drinking water for the protection of public health. In this regards, a physicochemical parameters of borehole water sample from the village was examined. Parameters including temperature, pH, conductivity, turbidity, total dissolved solids (TDS), chemical oxygen demand (COD), total suspended solids (TSS), biological oxygen demand (BOD), dissolved oxygen (DO), and hardness, were studied for the water sample which was collected in dry period. The values obtained from all parameters were related with the World Health Organization (WHO) standards. The results of respective parameters were established within the limit approved by the WHO, with the exception of pH. Still, it is as well imperative to study additional water potential contaminations such as heavy metals and biological parameters to evaluate the general water quality of the village.

Keywords; Water quality; Borehole; Tashar Turmi village


 Received: October 15, 2021  Accepted: November 17, 2021  Published: November 19, 2021

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