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Vol. 6 (3), pp. 32-40, November 2019

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Experimental Research on the Tensile and Shear Properties of Fluted pumpkin vine for Machine Design

Edafeadhe, G. O. I.

*Umurhurhu, B.


This study determined the effect of pre-harvest treatment on some tensile and shear properties of fluted pumpkin vine. The fluted pumpkin plants were treated with farmyard manure, calcium chloride, and a combination of farmyard manure and calcium chloride. Vines were cut from the fluted pumpkin plants 60 days after planting, for laboratory analysis. The vine width and thickness were measured with a digital caliper; while the vine tensile and shear properties were determined using the Universal Testing Machine, according to ASTM International recommended procedures. The tests were conducted on the three vine regions (head, middle, and tail). Results obtained revealed that pre-harvest treatment had a significant (p ≤0.05) effect on the tensile and shear properties of the fluted pumpkin vine. Irrespective of the vine region, the highest tensile strength (mean ~ 42.07 Mpa), was recorded in vine treated with calcium chloride; while the lowest tensile strength (mean ~ 19.37 Mpa), was recorded b the vine treated with farmyard manure. Likewise, the calcium chloride treated vine had the highest Young’s modulus (mean ~ 179.6 MPa); while the farmyard manure treated vine had the lowest Young’s modulus (mean ~ 74.98 MPa). It was observed that the vine treated with farmyard manure recorded the highest tensile strain (mean ~ 25. 72%); while the vine treated with calcium chloride recorded the lowest tensile strain (mean ~16.54%). Regarding the shear properties of the fluted pumpkin vine, the study showed that calcium chloride treated vine displayed the highest shear force and shear resistance (122.77 N and 21.22 N/mm2 respectively). In addition, the lowest shear force and shear resistance (74.11 N and 9.8 N/mm2 respectively), were observed in the pumpkin vine treated with farmyard manure. These will be useful during the design and application of fluted pumpkin harvesting machines, to achieve maximum efficiencies.

Keywords: Calcium chloride, fluted pumpkin, shear resistance, tensile strength, vine

 Received: October 12, 2019  Accepted: November 9, 2019  Published: November 30, 2019

Edafeadhe And Umurhurhu

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