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Pseudo second order kinetics model of adsorption of Pb2+ onto powdered corn cobs: comparison of linear regression methods




*OKE1,  I. A.


This study reports adsorption kinetics of lead (Pb2+) removal from aqueous solution by powdered corn cobs and comparison of linear regression methods for solving linearized pseudo second order kinetics model. The corn cobs were collected, washed with distilled water, air dried, pulverized, sieved into different particle sizes and stored. The properties of the powdered corn cobs (PCC) were determined. The PCC was used to remove Pb2+ from aqueous solution on single and multi-component systems. Adsorption kinetics of Pb2+ onto PCC and linearised regression methods of pseudo second order were studied using experimental data and evaluated statistically using total error, model of selection criterion and coefficient of determination. The study revealed that the PCC contains calcium,  aluminum,  and  iron  as  its major components. Adsorption capacities for Pb2+ onto the PCC were 63.43 % and 45.83 %  for mono-component and multi components synthetic wastewaters. Statistical evaluation revealed that the order of accuracy of the methods was in graphical greater than (>) elimination > Microsoft excel solver > iteration > least squares method based on the value of MSC. It was concluded that Microsoft excel solver is the best method of solving linear pseudo second order kinetics model based on lowest error.

Key words: Adsorption, powdered corn  cobs, heavy metal  removal, synthetic wastewaters, adsorption kinetics  parameters.

 Received: April 9, 2015  Accepted: May 1, 2015  Published: May 30, 2015

Fehintola Et Al

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