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Vol.6 (3), Pp. 41-44, November 2019

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Mixed electrolyte for an improved battery system

Don-Lawson Chioma


The chemistry of mixed organic solvents formed by mixing dimethylformamide (DMF) and propylene carbonate (PC) solvents with magnesium per chlorate Mg(ClO4)2 salt was investigated. The mixtures were prepared and their physical and thermodynamic properties were determined. Conductivity, dielectric constant, and cell voltage are examples of these properties. The cells of binary mixtures with Mg2+ ion-containing electrolytic solutions were also investigated. Molar conductivity measurements at 25ºC revealed that mixed systems have greater electrochemical stability and better properties than pure solvents. Ion-solvent and solvent-solvent interactions influenced the properties of the mixed electrolytes. The results were interpreted based on the intermolecular interactions between the system’s component molecules. The organic solvent mixing ratio for optimal battery performance has been established to be between 50-70 percent PC for the battery system because the system gave the highest conductivity and electromotive force at this range.

Keywords:  Electrolyte, dielectric system, cell voltage, binary mixture

 Received: October 3, 2019  Accepted: November 5, 2019  Published: November 30, 2019

Don Lawson1

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