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Vol.6 (3), pp. 25-31, November 2019

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Status of heavy metals contamination in water from the Elelenwo River, Obio-Akpor, Rivers State, Nigeria

Edori, O. S.*

Iyama, W. A.

Amadi, M. C.


Water samples were collected from Elelenwo River between the periods of three months (June – August year) and analyzed for heavy metal content. The concentrations of the metal observed within the period showed the order of concentration as; iron (Fe) > zinc (Zn) > silver (Ag) > chromium (Cr) > copper (Cu) > cobalt (Co) > lead (Pb) > cadmium (Cd) > nickel (Ni) > Arsenic (As). The mean concentrations of the examined metals in mg/Kg within the period were Cd (0.251±0.000), Pb (0.428±0.001), Cr (0.139±0.001), Ag (1.428±0.384), Ni (0.184±0.000), Fe (5.910±0.008), As (undetected), Zn (1.324±0.320), Cu (0.781±0.003) and Co (0.672±0.002). All the examined metals were detected in the Elelenwo River except As. The concentrations of the heavy metals were all above the individual standard limits in drinking water stipulated by WHO except Zn, Cu and As.  The values obtained for the different metals examined revealed that the concentrations of the metals were as a result of anthropogenic input sources rather than natural influence. The high values observed for the metals call for proper investigation on the input sources so as to provide preventive measures in order to curb further increase that can lead to fatal conditions in the environment.

Keywords: Elelenwo river, heavy metals, and contaminants

 Received: October 3, 2019  Accepted: October 29, 2019  Published: November 30, 2019

Edori Et Al

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