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Vol. 7(4), pp. 77-81, August 2020

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A Review on how Building Information Modelling can be used to Enhance the Management Building Life-Cycle Information



The construction industry is large and complex as such the flow of information tends to be slow and sometimes difficult, and this can slow the progress of the industries activities which are based on pressure and tight schedules to meet the target delivery, on time, on cost and of quality standard. The industry is characterized by adversarial relationships among the different parties and stakeholders within; effective flow of information among the parties can enhance this adversarial relationship which tends to be an obstacle to the industries progress. Therefore this paper has highlighted how Building Information Modelling (BIM) can be used to enhance the flow of information to the stakeholders within the construction industry. The paper also discusses how BIM could be used to enhance the collaboration and performance of tasks carried out by individual project teams for the realization of project goals and objectives. In addition, the paper also highlighted the importance and the expected benefit to be derived from using (BIM) to stakeholders in the construction industry.

Keywords: Adversarial relationship, building information modelling, construction industry, stakeholders

 Received: July 3, 2002  Accepted: August 26, 2020  Published: August 31, 2020


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