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Vol. 7(7), pp. 136-140, December 2020

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An In-depth Review of Techniques for Smart Energy Meter Monitoring System

*Bara’u M. Alhassan

Aliyu Tukur

Musa Isah

Nafi’u M. Rumah


Control on electricity theft is inevitable because of its impact on the cost of electricity to consumers and stability of utility companies. The common electricity theft can be in the form of meter tampering, stealing, illegal connections like hookups, bypass, billing irregularities, and unpaid bills. Utility companies have not been achieving maximum profit due to electricity and meter thefts. Detection of electricity and meter thefts by the utility companies will enhance efficiency in transaction and communication with their customers. This is achieved through the use of tamper and meter theft detection units using various technologies. This paper presents a technological review of different types of smart energy meter monitoring techniques and their applications. From these reviews, we are able to derive comparisons of the smart energy meters for better understanding and promotion of research in the area.

Keywords: GSM Module, Zigbee, Arduino, microcontroller, LCD

 Received: December 2, 2020  Accepted: December 23, 2020  Published: December 30, 2020

Alhassan Et Al

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