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Delay in Public Project Delivery: Causes and Remedial Measures in Sustainable Built Environment

Aiminhiefe, Margaret Ihensekhie


This study looks into delays in public project delivery and analyzes the causes and corrective measures in the sustainable built environment. The study was directed by four research questions, and the study’s research design is a descriptive survey research design. This study’s anticipated population is 500 construction stakeholders in Edo state. This study’s sample comprises of 50 construction stakeholders from Edo’s three senatorial districts. The sample size for the investigation was determined using a purposive sampling technique. The study tool was a structured questionnaire titled “Questionnaire on Project Delivery Delays and Remedial Measures for a Sustainable Built Environment.” Cronbach Alpha and reliability index values of 0.67, 0.77, 0.76, and 0.802 were calculated for the four sections of the questionnaire that were administered to the respondents and were all returned and used for data analysis. Descriptive statistics were used to assess the data collected. The statistical means were utilized to address the research questions posed in this study, and a mean benchmark of 2.50 was employed due to the items being on a four-point scale. The findings indicate that government-related factors such as insufficient project funding by the government, contractor-related factors such as difficulties in project financing errors during construction, unrealizable conditions given to contractor by host community, hostility towards contractors and other workers on project site are causes of delay in public project delivery in sustainable built environment. Based on the findings, it was determined that delays in public project delivery are caused by government-related issues, contractor-related issues, and host-community issues.

Keywords: Sustainable, built environment, construction stakeholders, project, senatorial district


 Received: May 9, 2022  Accepted: June 18, 2022  Published: June 22, 2022

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