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Vol. 8, Pp. 49-53, 2021

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Design and development of an advance burglary detecting system

*Emeyazia, I. D.

Obonyano, K. N.

Aki, A.


This project involved the design and construction of a microcontroller-controlled burglary detector with an alarm and a taser device. To optimize its performance, this advanced security system made use of both electronic hardware and software. The microcontroller chip and the Assembly language used to program the microcontroller chip coordinated the hardware components. The role of the microcontroller unit in an embedded system was to provide low-cost programmable logic control and interfacing to eternal devices. The operation of this burglary system was straightforward. When the intruder was discovered, the alarm system was activated, as was the taser device. These actions will not only alert the residents of the area, but will also immobilize the intruder until he is apprehended.  An experimental trial on the device revealed that it is 90% efficient at night and 80% efficient during the day. The advanced security system will provide a dependable means of protecting people and property from intruders.

Keywords: Alarm systems, intruder detector, robotic, security system, taser device

 Received: April 19, 2021  Accepted: May 16, 2021  Published: May 25, 2021

Emeyazia Et Al

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