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Vol. 7(1), pp. 6-9, May 2020

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Investigations into the Suitability of Soil Samples for Dam Embankment Construction (Soil Deposits around Proposed Earth Dam Site in Faskari)

Samaila, Muazu Bawa


This paper presents the result of a research work conducted on some soil samples collected around Faskari town to determine the suitability or otherwise of such samples to Earth Dam construction. Five different undisturbed soil samples were collected from different pits, these samples were tested in the laboratory for five different investigations upon which the results were compared to the specifications provided under the Guidelines on Dam design and construction. A reasonable percentage of the results obtained agrees with the specification of Earth Dam design and construction as such the studied soils are recommended for such purposes.

Keywords: Earth dam, soil investigations, laboratory test, soil suitability

 Received: March 30, 2020  Accepted: May 9, 2020  Published: May 30, 2020


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