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Vol. 4(4) Pp. 144-148 June 2022

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Investigation of the Potency of Continuous Assessment in Promoting Academic Excellence among Students of Federal University Wukari

Alhassan, Y. J.*

Ajibade. O. V.

Odo, O. J.


The role of continuous assessment in encouraging student academic achievement can be measured by making frequent observations and collecting information from specific assignments assigned to students during their learning process. The current study sought to investigate the effects of continuous assessment on the academic brilliance of Federal University Wukari students. For the Experiment, sixty students were chosen from various faculties and departments across the University. These students were enrolled in a variety of courses in Agriculture, Science, Social Sciences, Medicine, and Law. The post-test design was used for both the control and experimental groups. GST, a directorate for all students to undergo CA assessment, provided information on C/A scores of student performance. A questionnaire schedule, however, was also employed to obtain information from responders. As a test of significance, the independent sample t-test was performed. It was concluded that continual assessment improved pupils’ academic performance. It was suggested that teachers who are well-versed in evaluation and assessment techniques be encouraged and their expertise used to improve students’ academic excellence at federal university Wukari.

Keywords: Investigation, potency, continuous assessment, academic excellence, Federal University Wukari

 Received: May 20, 2022  Accepted: June 15, 2022  Published: June 22, 2022

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