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Socio-Economic Variables Influences on Students Academic Performance in Agricultural Science in Secondary Schools in Emohua LGA of Rivers State, Nigeria

ThankGod Peter Ojimba*

Amarachi Emmanuel

Tamunodikipiri Obuchiebo

Constance Wilson Eneyo


The study focused on socio-economic variables influences on student academic performance in agricultural science in secondary schools in Emohua LGA of Rivers State Nigeria. Multi-stage sampling technique was used to sample 300 students’ respondents through structured questionnaires and personal interviews. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics such as likert scale and one-way ANOVA. The results showed that few students 71.7% walked about 2 km distances to school, the large number of children in the family (87%) made it difficult for parents to be able to pay the fees of students as at when due making the students to be sent back home and/or punished which leads to outright failure in the class including agricultural science as a subject. The study also accepted the alternative hypothesis that socio-economic variables influenced the academic performance of the students using four point likert scale analysis. The results also showed that family income with a mean of (3.03), parent economic status (2.95), parents’ poverty level (3.57) and lack of social amenities (2.65) were significant factors that influenced the students in agricultural science. The study further found out that parents’ poverty level influenced the academic performance of students’ in agricultural science at 5% level of significance using one-way ANOVA. Therefore, the academic performance of secondary school students in agricultural science is influenced by socio-economic variables such as family income, parents’ poverty level, lack of social amenities, large number of children in the household, trekking long distances to school, etc. in Emohua LGA of Rivers State.

Keywords: Socio-economic status, influence, students’ academic performance, agricultural science, secondary schools, Likert analysis, ANOVA, Emohua LGA, Rivers state, Nigeria

 Received: September 2, 2019  Accepted: October 23, 2019  Published: October 30, 2019

Ojimba Et Al2

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