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The Role of Tuition Fees on Universities’ Sustainability in Arusha Region-Tanzania

Maganga Adrian Deusdedith*

Demetria Gerold Mkulu


The goal of this research was to investigate the impact of tuition costs on the long-term viability of universities in the Arusha region. Convergent parallel design was used in the study as part of a mixed research methodology. The study’s population was made up of private universities in the Arusha Region. The study’s population included 22003 education stakeholders. The sample size was 154 people. The study involved two deputy principals of finance, two loan officers, fifty lecturers, and one hundred students. Simple random and purposive sampling procedures were used to obtain the sample. With the help of SPSS version 20, quantitative data were evaluated using descriptive analysis. Data was analyzed using qualitative theme analysis. The study revealed various roles of tuition fees on university sustainability, such as paying workers’ salaries, staff development, staff retention, and developing university infrastructures such as classes, staff houses, staff offices, and libraries, all of which are important for sustainability and the provision of quality education. According to the study, because most universities rely heavily on students’ tuition fees, the government should establish a method of paying tuition fees for all university students in order to make it easier for universities to implement various plans on time, particularly those related to the provision of quality education.

Keywords: Tuition fee, tuition fee dependency, quality education, universities’ sustainability

 Received: March 20, 2022  Accepted: April 5, 2022  Published: April 11, 2022

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