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Death and Effects of its Remembrance to the Life of Contemporary Muslims

Abubakar Bako


Allah created the human soul eternally and He will transmit it to the hereafter after we die. Therefore, human beings should not ignore the evolution of their soul and it is necessary to prepare them in this world for the eternal life. The reasons that unbelievers fear death are not believing in the resurrection, denying it and see death as destruction. Therefore, various factors, such as the lack of proper knowledge about death, lack of faith, committing sins and being their records empty of good deeds, make them fearful of death. On the other hand, the more you are faithful and good doer, the less you fear death. According to religious teachings, the remembrance of death has important and undeniable effects on individual social worldly life and the hereafter. Looking at the nature and scope of the topic analytical method is used when conducting the research.

Keywords: Death, remembrance, life, judgment and contemporary Muslims

 Received: July 13, 2022  Accepted: August 1, 2022  Published: August 10, 2022

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