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Vol. 8, Pp. 21-27, 2021

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Knowledge acquisition, creation and employees’ performance of mining firms: a case of Northern Nigeria

Okpebenyo Williams


This study assessed the link between knowledge acquisition, creation and the performance of employees: a case study of Northern Nigeria. The cross-sectional research design was adopted and questionnaire was the major instrument of data collection, which was administered to one hundred and fifty-four (154) employees of three (3) selected mining firms in Northern Nigeria. Both descriptive (simple percentages, mean, and standard deviation) and inferential (simple regression) statistical techniques were employed in analyzing the data obtained in the field survey. Findings revealed that knowledge acquisition positively and significantly affect the performance of mining firms’ employees; however, the study found that knowledge creation negatively and significantly affects employees’ performance. Given the findings, it was recommended among others that management of mining firms should put more efforts in structuring and/or constructing an information framework that will improve and support job and employees’ performance. Again, firm management should institute a system of mentoring group interaction that will help boost mentor-mentee relationship among employees and also encourage staff meetings, team building section and project management team.

Keywords: Knowledge acquisition; Knowledge creation; Employees performance; Innovation

JEL Classification: D83; O31; M19

 Received: June 6, 2021  Accepted: July 17, 2021  Published: July 23, 2021


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