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Ethnicity and the formation of the East African Federation: the social aspect in Ugandan context

1Maurice Bakaluba Tamale

John Paul Kasujja2*


The study examined the influence of ethnicity on the formation of the East African Federation; putting emphasis on the social aspect in Uganda. The study utilised a Descriptive cross-sectional survey design, and on the basis of purposive, and random sampling techniques, 385 respondents were selected who included Social workers, Businessmen and Women, Distinguished Citizens, Members of Parliament, Cabinet Ministers, Leaders of Political Parties in Uganda, Cabinet Ministers, and Rural people who revealed information through the study Questionnaires and Interview guides. The findings reveal that the East African Federation cannot attain social unity of its citizens, because of the different ethnic backgrounds of people in the region and also the idea is a persuasion by Political Leaders based on technocratic expertise and not ideological grounds. The study concluded that the rigid divide in methodological application of cultural and rational accounts among Ugandan, and East African Ethnic groups will greatly influence the realization of a fruitful East African Federation.

Key words: Ethnicity, Federation, social unity, Uganda, and East Africa.

 Received: December 4, 2014  Accepted: January 3, 2015  Published: January 30, 2015

Tamale And Paul

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