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Vol. 8, Pp. 56-76, 2021

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The Contribution of National and International Institutions to the Security of the Republic of Sudan

Mansour Arbab Younis Omar*

Asiimwe Muchwa Solomon

Edaku Charles


The study sought to investigate the role of national and international institutions in Sudan’s security. The study was also founded on phenomenological ontology, which entailed describing the experiences as they occurred. The study used qualitatively selected categories of respondents, such as officials in the Executive, Judiciary, and Legislative arms of government, as well as respondents from social institutions and opinion leaders, in conjunction with Sudanese archival data. The study discovered that national institutions in Sudan had failed to deal with local disputes that had widened again, and international institutions had either perpetrated the interests of aliens as faced during State formation, or had exacerbated societal, environmental, and political threats through policies based on the assistance provided. The study advocated for the strengthening of State institutions and the harnessing of democracy in order to accommodate international institutions within State structures as a means of instilling a strong sense of security in the Republic of Sudan.

Keywords: National, international, institutions, security and Sudan

 Received: September 17, 2021  Accepted: October 29, 2021  Published: November 12, 2021

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