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Vol. 7 (5), pp. 117-122, June 2020

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The Impact of Academic Mentoring on Students’ Performance in Lagos State University, Nigeria: An Educational Planner’s Perspective

Rufai Musiliu Dada


The study was a descriptive case study It was quantitative in its approach. The study population of twelve thousand gave a sample size of four hundred (400) respondents. Simple random sampling was used to select respondents. The calculated value of Chi-square at 20.0 was greater than the table value of 5.09 at 0.05 level of significance. The null hypothesis was rejected. This implies that there is a significant relationship between academic mentoring and students’ academic performance in Lagos State University. It was recommended that students should also be given a broad orientation on what academic mentoring is, right from their elementary education up to their tertiary education and finally, enough funds and adequate facilities should be provided for prospective mentors in higher institutions of learning for them to be effective and efficient.

Keywords: Mentoring, academic performance mentor, mentee

 Received: April 5, 2020  Accepted: June 29, 2020  Published: June 30, 2020


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