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Vol. 7 (7), pp. 198-205, July 2020

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The Question of Infant Feeding in Rural Areas of Koro (North Cote D’Ivoire): A Community Solution Perspective

Adou Serge Judicaël ANOUA*

Mohamed SOW

Gondo Cesaire GOUE


Infant feeding is a real child health problem in Côte d’Ivoire. This situation led to the initiation of a participatory community health approach in the rural area of ​​Koro. It is a qualitative type of research in which Koro community was the target group. The research is categorized into three phases: social mobilization, community diagnosis, and the restitution workshop. With this, the priority problems of infant feeding in the community were identified as well as their solutions, and then an action plan was proposed for healthy infant feeding. The priority problems include the following: the rejection of colostrum, non-observance of exclusive breastfeeding, the inappropriate introduction of complementary foods, the burden of fieldwork demand on mothers, and early stopping of breastfeeding. From the responses obtained, the priority solutions considered include: educating the mothers of the community to change their perception about colostrum, and supporting mothers in the process of dietary diversification and stopping breastfeeding. To this end, an implementation action plan based on a dynamic and community collaboration framework was established to improve infant feeding. It appears relevant as a health monitoring support for the rural community of Koro.

Keywords: Food, infant, child health, community intervention, Ivory Coast

 Received: June 21, 2020  Accepted: July 23, 2020  Published: July 31, 2020

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