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Vol. 10(1), Pp. 9-15, February 2022

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Waning Morality and Fidelity in African-Nigerian Society and the Hidden Betrayal in Globalization and Modernity: The Role of the Media

Edih, O. University*

Umuze, N. Anthonia

University, E. Ebitare


The spate of societal decadence, declining moral values, and infidelity African society is becoming worrisome because it’s turning into an accepted norm in this new world championed by the actions of colonization, modernity and globalization. In fact, it’s regarded as the modern culture and means of livelihood. This study x-rayed the waning morality and fidelity in African-Nigerian society: the hidden betrayal in modernity and globalization. The issues on moral decadence, juvenile delinquency, infidelity, immoral and unethical behaviors, get-rich-quick syndrome, uncontrolled promiscuity and lewdness, broken marriages and homes, corruption in public office and related vices prevalent in modern era were critiqued and juxtaposed with socio-cultural behaviors in pre-colonial days in Africa. This was done through oral interview, review of literature, critical observation of societal behaviors. This study discovered that there is a grave rot in the society and that it would be a herculean task to sustain the norms and values of the African traditional society in this digital economy. It was found that the new world has displaced and altered the former communal and kindred culture and that in no distant time there may be no African tradition and custom. It was contended that the ills or excesses associated with globalization or modernity may only be managed but would be an impossible task to eradicate because the world is a global empire regulated by information system and knowledge available to all. It is therefore recommended that the government, religious bodies, non- governmental agencies, Kings and Chiefs, heads of families and well-meaning individuals should awake to their responsibilities of advocating and inculcating moral values into the youths, children and wards. The mass media platforms should be vigorously harness to advance the Africa cultures.

Keywords: Africa, betrayal, fidelity, globalization, morality, modernity, Nigeria

 Received: January 3, 2022  Accepted: February 23, 2022  Published: February 25, 2022

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