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Vol.6 (6), pp. 139-146, June 2018

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Prevalence of Ecto and Endo Parasites in some Fresh Water Fishes from Jabi Lake, Abuja, (FCT), Nigeria

*Solomon, R. J.

Olawale, O. G.


A study on the prevalence of Ecto and Endo parasites in some fresh water fishes from Jabi Lake was carried out from July to September 2015. The fishes examined were Clarias gariepinus, Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus, Tilapia zilli, Gnathonemus cyrinoides and Mormyrops deliciosus. Ninety specimens each were examined in the laboratory for Ecto and Endo parasites using standard methods and equipment. The condition factors of all individual fishes were determined, and the following mean values were obtained: 1.29 ± 2.77 for C.gariepinus, 1.14 ± 2.38 for C. nigrodigitatus 1.52 ± 2.56 for T. zilli, 1.65 ± 1.82 for G. cyprinoides, and 0.59 ± 2.09 for M. deliciosus. Parasitic infections were lower for Mormyrops deliciosus (1.63) and Chrysichtys nigrodigitatus (2.33); low condition species, than Tilapia zilli (2.80) and Clarias gariepinus (2.67); high condition species. The mean weekly physicochemical parameters were: total alkalinity (139.5 ppm), biological oxygen demand (1.585 mg/l), dissolved oxygen (7.58 mg/l), pH (8.99), temperature (26.5°C), conductivity (106 µ/cm) and turbidity (2.73 m). Of the 450 fishes examined, for C. gariepinus, female and male parasitic prevalence was 55% and 45% respectively. For Tilapia zilli, female parasitism was 51% while male was 49%. For C. nigrodigitatus, female parasitism was 74% while male was 60%. For G. cyprinoides, female parasitic level was 37%, while male was 62%, and for M. deliciosus, female parasitic level was 36% while the male was 64%. Some of the Ecto parasites found were; Flexibacter litoralis, Argulus japonicas, Diplostomulum flexicaudum, Saprolegnia ferax and Ichthyophthirius multifilis and some of the Endo parasites found were; Lingula anatina, Clinostomum marginatum, Diphyllobothrium latum and contraceacum spiculigerium.

Keywords: Ecto and Endo parasites, fresh water fishes, Jabi Lake, Abuja

 Received: May 5, 2018  Accepted: May 31, 2018  Published: June 10, 2018

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