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Some Physical Properties of Mounds of Macrotermes bellicosus [Isoptera: Termitidae] in Sokoto, Semi-arid Zone of Nigeria

*Bandiya, H. M.,

Jatau, A.


Physical properties, that is, (mound size, shape and location of mounds of Macrotermes bellicosus being the most prevalent mound-building termite in Sokoto were studied. Mound heights and basal circumferences were measured using tape while mound shape and mound exposure were observed and recorded. The living statuses of the mounds were detected by excavating a portion of the mound to reveal its inner contents. The mound sizes range from 1.36 to2.73 m with an average basal circumference of 4.57 m.  The shapes of the mounds as either cone- or dome-shaped with most of the mounds being cone-shaped in all the Local Government Areas.  Out of the 242 mounds encountered, 124 stand exposed to direct sunlight. However, the degree of exposure of the mounds to direct sun was highly variable with respect to both land types and Local Government Areas. The living status of the mounds showed that Wurno fadama have more lives (51) mounds than all the other areas. This was followed by Yabo fadama (26) and Wurno upland (26), while Wamakko upland had the least (11). Termite mounds are a common feature in the state with sizes reaching almost 3 m. They were either cone- or dome-shaped and many stand exposed to the sunlight.

Keywords: Macrotermes bellicosus, mound-building termite, mound size, mound shape, exposure

 Received: June 1, 2018  Accepted: July 12, 2018  Published: July 30, 2018

2Bandiya And Jatau

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