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Vol. 4 (5), pp. 91-94, August 2018

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Textural Properties of Soils from Mounds of Macrotermes bellicosus [Isoptera: Termitidae] in Sokoto, Semi-arid Zone of Nigeria

*Bandiya, H. M.,

Yahaya, M. M.


Soil texture from the mounds of Macrotermes bellicosusin Sokoto was studied. The studies involved collection of soils from the mounds and their surroundings from Fadama and upland land types in four local government areas. Soil samples from eight medium-sized (1.50- 2.49 m in height) mounds (identified as M. bellicosus mounds) in Fadama and Upland areas of each Local Government Area within the selected plots were collected and analyzed for textural properties of the soil. Nine soil samples each weighing 200 g were collected at each sampling point from within and surrounding of the selected mounds. Percentage sand, clay, and silt of soils from the mound and its surroundings were determined using Hydrometer Method. The results showed the mean proportion of sand to be high (ranging from 48.30- 66.13%) in all the soil samples followed by the silt (23.63- 40.60%), while the mean proportion of clay was relatively low (7.07- 18.83%). The soils are mainly sandy loam types, mostly reflecting the soil type in the surrounding. It is hoped that these results will be valuable to governmental and non-governmental agencies/organizations involved in soil conservation and remediation of the environment.

Keywords: Soil texture, macrotermes bellicosus, mounds, clay, silt and sand

 Received: July 10, 2018  Accepted: August 12, 2018  Published: August 30, 2018

1Bandiya And Yahaya

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