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Vol. 7(5), pp. 84-96, September 2020

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Behaviour and Effect of Clay Soils on Engineering Constructions in Nigeria: Implications for Geotectonism

*Kankara, I. A.

Yunusa, L. U.


Expansive soils occurring in arid and semi-arid climatic regions (with most parts of northern Nigeria inclusive) of the World cause unaccounted problems on civil engineering structures. Such soils swell when given access to water and shrink when they dry out. This present study examines the condition of brick and fire clay soils from Kankara and Dutsin-Ma in Katsina State, and Sokoto sedimentary Basin, both in Nigeria, that poses engineering problems when used in construction. The methodology adopted for the study was mainly primary and secondary sources in which clay studies were collected and investigated in the field, based on their mineralogical and physical behaviours.  Other sources of data came from previous constructions that used clay soils. The findings of the study were that the clay soils have significant geotechnical and structural engineering challenges, accompanied with a lot of damages and costs lost if used. It was recommended that modern divisive means of modifying the structures of clay soils be adopted to improve their properties.

Keywords: Expansive soils, Swell-Shrink behaviour, structural damage, engineering constructions, Nigeria

 Received: July 3, 2020  Accepted: August 26, 2020  Published: September 30, 2020

Kankara And Yunusa

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