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Vol. 9 (5), Pp. 232-239, June 2022

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Evaluation of Institutional E-Readiness for Academic Excellence, Global Presence and Tendency for Grant Attraction: The Auchi Polytechnic Perspective

Shaib, Ismail Omade*

Olubodun Kolawole Ford

Ahmed Jimoh


The research investigated the level of E-readiness in Auchi polytechnic, challenges, potential solutions and areas of improvement. The study identified key electronic readiness of Auchi polytechnic in the last two decades as a first generation and famous polytechnic in South region. The objective of the study focused on the level of e-readiness and improvement. The findings suggested that ICT infrastructure acquisition explained 64.29% institutional E-readiness; ER2: ICT Application and Support accounted for 55.6%; ER3: ICT Human Resource contributed 52.9% variance in Auchi Polytechnic E-readiness. The study concluded that ER4: ICT Policy and Strategy Management constituted the highest level of Auchi polytechnic E-readiness by 55.7%. Therefore, it recommended that encouraging techno-compliance among staff and students in the institution; X-ray the level of availability of ICT infrastructure, the accessibility of ICT to the general users (staff, student, management and host community population). Improvement on the legal and regulatory framework on ICT use in Auchi polytechnic to develop an e-learning and security strategies. Understanding the extent of the institution’s capacity and ability to provide educational services through the e-readiness.

Keywords:  E-readiness, ICT infrastructure, global, linkages, six degrees

 Received: April 22, 2022  Accepted: May 25, 2022  Published: June 7, 2022

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