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Vol. 9 (4), Pp. 220-223, May 2022

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Information Granulation as a Viable Tool for Biometric Recognition

Sani Suleiman Isah


Granular Computing (GrC) as advanced by the works of Zadeh, it is widely used in pattern recognition to solve classification problems. When a problem is complex and it involves high dimensional data, it is best solved by a granular computing approach. Problem such as classification of biometric data is a complex problem due to high dimensionality of images involved as well as uncertainty in the feature representations. Information granulation uses granules to solve complex problems that are regarded as uncertain and imprecise. This paper attempts to explore the relevance of information granulation from literature point of view, and as well present how viable it is if used in biometric recognition tool development.

Keywords: Information granulation; biometric; recognition; granular computing

 Received: April 13, 2022  Accepted: May 19, 2022  Published: May 29, 2022

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