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Vol. 3(4), Pp. 70-77, May 2022

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The Influence of Personal Factors on Consumer Purchasing Decisions of Selected Durable Goods in Mwanza city

Victor, Sarah M.*

Viswanadham, N.


Manufacturers of consumer durable products operate in a highly competitive, complicated, and dynamic commercial environment. Consumer durable white goods executives recognize the need of having timely, accurate, and consistent information and data for the purposes of creating, sustaining, and managing customer relationships across divisions. This study attempted to investigate the factors impacting client purchasing decisions for durables such as smartphones, televisions, automobiles, and computers. The research was conducted among Mwanza city families. The importance of this study is beneficial to suppliers of durable goods, buyers, and policymakers. The study used a quantitative method, with data collected from 406 families using a standardized questionnaire. The connection between autonomous personal variables and the dependent variable consumer purchasing decision was established using linear regression analysis. According to the data, personal variables have a major influence on customer purchasing decisions for durables. The findings of the regression revealed that personal aspects statistically and significantly influence consumers’ decision to purchase durables. The current study looked into the impact of personal aspects on customer purchasing decisions for durable goods.

Keywords: Consumer durable goods, purchase decision, consumer buying behaviour, personal factors

 Received: April 7, 2022  Accepted: May 3, 2022  Published: May 11, 2022

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