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Public Opinion on Auchi’s Solid Waste Management

Asunogie, O.F.

Momoh, S.

Osagioduwa, M.

Article Number: DRJPHET17511663
ISSN: 2734-2182

Vol. 7(7), Pp. 85-94, November 2022

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Waste is regarded as undesirable and worthless material. In most developing countries, including Auchi, poor waste management is attributed to inadequate sanitation education. The study looked into Auchi residents’ perceptions of solid waste management, assessed waste management knowledge, and examined the environmental consequences of the city’s poor waste management practices. The population is expected to rise by 2.8% by 2022, to 100,299 from 42,610. (NPC, 1991). The sample size was 14,328 households. A total of 300 people were sampled, with 2.09 percent selected at random. Only 290 of the 300 returned questionnaires could be analyzed. According to the study’s findings, the majority of Auchi residents have a negative perception and attitude toward solid waste management practices and primarily dump trash wherever it can fit. There is a lack of public environmental awareness in the study area, which influences residents’ perceptions and attitudes toward solid waste management. Because perception takes time to develop, relevant government agencies and civil society organizations must gradually instill a positive view of waste management in the minds of the populace by tracking progress effectively.

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Keywords: Public, solid waste, perception, Auchi and urban environment
 Received: September 5, 2022  Accepted: October 30, 2022  Published: November 4, 2022

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